The Brand

Swaggy Swan…outrageous, right? One would assume such a brand deserves an equally outrageous story, but in reality – it’s quite personal. Why did we select such a ridiculous name and logo for our livelihood? Our defining image had to be completely original, creative, deeply meaningful and most importantly: fun.

To start, ancient symbolism has always been fascinating for us, and we certainly wanted a positive connotation associated with our business. We started digging through the annals of history, and what we found was fascinating! From the earliest civilizations across the globe, one can find the swan exemplifying royalty, beauty, enlightenment, rarity, and many other empowering characteristics. In the Hindu religion, the goddess Saraswathi is often depicted with a swan symbolizing purity par excellence. Danish author Hans Christian Andersen’s The Ugly Duckling saw the swan as the result of transformation from the depths of negativity to something truly spectacular. Furthermore, the swan was the Greek god Apollo’s sacred bird, which was seen as a representation of light and inspiration. All of these attributes are wonderful, but the best part about the swan was that it felt right.


So why the silly monocle and top hat?


Life – just like business – needs to be fun. That’s why we’re here. Not to work hard and struggle only to be left with empty feelings and an unfulfilled bucket list. We want our clients to smile when they think of us, and we want to smile when we co-create experiences with our clients. The more fun we’re having at the office, the more fun our clients will have on ground. And what could be more fun than a swan dressed up for a ball?


The Product

We are an experiential luxury travel company. What does that mean? Great question. Luxury is a subjective term, and our definition of it really focuses on the experience aspect of travel. We utilize our relationships and connections around the world to create completely new ideas, encounters and adventures for our clients who have practically done everything imaginable.

Luxury to us is constantly pushing the edge of creation and doing what has never been done before. Of course, staying in superb accommodations and having access to the best private jets, yachts, and helicopters are expected parts of that – but any tour operator can book the best hotel, safari camp, or Bell 212 out there. Not every tour operator thinks like we do and has the drive to create like we do. Our ideas are not borrowed or replicated, and our clients return home being the first to enjoy the experiences we create for them.


The Clients

We understand that the travel experiences we offer will appeal to a small, select group of leading-edge individuals. Our clients are referred to us from professional and personal networks as well as an existing group of trusted guests that have known us throughout the years and are more than confident in our ability to deliver and create. We grow at our own pace, and our preference is to be a nimble, boutique operation that ensures the highest service standards and accessibility possible.

As a result of our business ethos, we have deliberately chosen to be a members-only travel company without public contact details. Similarly, we have chosen to forego traditional social media marketing to the masses in favor of spending time co-creating with our guests. We firmly believe that our clients understand and appreciate this philosophy, and we enjoy devoting our energy to their happiness and satisfaction.


The Impact

Our clients are leading-edge powerful creators. Their expansive presence has an impact wherever they travel. Similarly, the people, communities, ecosystems and wildlife they meet along the way uplift our guests and give them perspective and energy when they return home. These experiences can often be life-changing. We believe in the power of travel to enrich both our clients and the areas they visit, and each experience we co-create with our guests makes the world a better place.

The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind.
— Anthony Bourdain